Thursday, 12 August 2010

Hungarian GP

1st, Ready Steady Joe! - 567pts
2nd, Sex Panther Racing - 558pts
3rd, Jeggings Bling a Ding Ding - 465pts
4th, Jonny Barclay GP - 402pts
5th, Formula Win - 389pts
6th, Willows Wheels - 387pts
7th, Jenson Huttons Paul Stars - 385pts
8th, The Phut Phuts - 323pts
9th, Fast Lane Jane - 318pts
10th, G-Force - 306pts
11th, Flying Cougars - 301pts
12th, The Trophy Holders - 288pts
13th, Red Bull Gives You Wins - 276pts
14th, Liv Fast - 179pts
15th Eddies Angels - 170pts

Total laps - 14391

German G.P

1st, Sex Panther Racing - 518pts
2nd, Ready Steady Joe! - 502pts
3rd, Jeggings Bling a Ding Ding - 436pts
4th, Jonny Barclay GP - 372pts
5th, Willows Wheels - 353pts
6th, Jenson Huttons Paul Stars - 351pts
7th, Formula Win - 331pts
8th, Fast Lane Jane - 306pts
9th, G-Force - 298pts
10th, The Phut Phuts - 296pts
11th, Trophy Holders - 266pts
12th Flying Cougars - 255pts
13th, Red Bull Gives You Wins - 246pts
14th, Liv Fast - 171pts
15th, Eddies Angels - 170pts

Total Laps - 13069